iPhone 5/5S / FreeRunner


  • Ultra Protective three-layered case made from

  • Polycarbonate and super protective TPV rubber

  • UltraFrame™ hard protection system

  • Polycarbonate touch sensitive front cover

  • Integrated connector protectors

case 131.2mm x 66.2mm x 12.76mm
packaging 199.44mm x 104.26mm x 25.96mm
34.99 /USD

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FreeRunner™ is a Super Strong, shock-absorbing case designed for those who like to play hard! Inspired by street athletes.

Freerunner™ is the first ruggedized case styled in an urban design language. The case is ultra rugged and slim at the same time using the SwitchEasy™ UltraFrame™ hard protection system.

The big innovation of the FreeRunner™ is the introduction of a fully PC front cover with a tactile home button that not compromises any of the functionality of the iPhone. The result is a bold and super rugged protective case that you will love at first sight.