iPhone 5/5S / KIRIGAMI


  • Ultra light weight case with tactile covered buttons

  • Elegantly designed with 3D cutout effect

  • Interchangeable graphic metallic inserts to complement cutouts

  • Made from super strong polycarbonate material

  • Super rich rubber coating

case 126.4mm x 61.17mm x 11.93mm
packaging 178.34mm x 111.48mm x 14.32mm
24.99 /USD

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KIRIGAMI™ series is designed with popular hearts and butterflies motif that is aimed at fashionable and elegant female audience. The word KIRIGAMI in Japanese stands for “Paper Cutting” and is a variation of origami art and elegantly arranged patterns.

We have designed KIRIGAMI ™ with some specially arranged 3D cutouts, in which we have provided interchangeable PET backing sheet for a different “Look” effect.

All the button elements have been meticulously engineered for easy access and ultimate tactile response. The discreet mixed material case and unique design for easy access of side buttons.