iPhone 5/5S / Melt


  • Innovative, easy-to-install clip-on case

  • Fun and chic design

  • Great feel and easy to grip

  • Durable hydro polymer casing with tactile covered buttons

  • UV scratch resistant gloss-coating for superb protection

  • Pop-out integrated connector protectors

case 63.5 x 128 x 13mm (2.5 x 5 x .5 in.)
packaging 4.5 x 194.5 x 26mm (3 x 7.7 x 1 in.)
24.99 /USD

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Grasp the three-dimensional drips on the back of Melt and experience the best grip that any case on the market can offer. Feel the gloss UV coating on the drips and see why Melt owners say it feels good in their hands and slides easily in and out their pockets.

The three-dimensional melting look has been called cool, chic, gorgeous, awesome, and unique. Exactly what a trendy iPhone user is looking for.

Our innovative SwitchEasy™ Melt™ for iPhone 5/5s stands out from the typical case: it clips on for easy installation. It is made of really tough, protective materials: the hydro polymer casing and scratch-resistant polycarbonate back panel offer a firm grip.