iPad 2 / 3 / The new iPad

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iPad 2 / 3 / The new iPad

  • Unique Key Lock design for changing viewing angle
  • Maintenance free Polyurethane Faux Leather front cover
  • Ultra tough polcarbonate back shell processed with matte rubber coating
  • Ultra slim folio design
  • Automatic On-Off function for the iPad 2/ the new iPad (2012)
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  • Mint_Green
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  • Monday_Blue
  • Shadow_Black
US $ 59.99

Product Features

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Pelle™ is an ultra thin protection solution unlike any other in the market. Pelle™ is unique in its class as its thinner and tougher than any of its contenders. Featuring a unique key lock design, you can easily change the viewing angle of you iPad with a flick of the lock. Pelle ™ also features a maintenance free polyurethane faux leather front cover with a ultra tough back shell processed with matte rubber coating. In addition, our special pink and turquoise edition features a special gold lock accented with SWAROVSKI® Crystals for the fashion conscious in you.

The thing that makes Pelle™ really special is how it allows you to use your iPad. We didn't just want to put another folio into the market; Pelle™ folio design plus stand function offers up a completely new way to enjoy your iPad. Providing multiple viewing angles Pelle™ lets you enjoy your content on the go how it should be enjoyed - in full glory. Stand assembly is both quick and easy, just flip the cover around and your iPad will stand solid with landscape view, for other viewing angle and typing, just pull the key lock and flip the cover around. Equally Pelle™ works great as a folio with a fully rotating cover that makes confined viewing on a busy bus or train simple and convenient. And when you're done, just flip the cover back around and secure with the snap in clip. If you've been looking for designer iPad cases with top notch practical features, Pelle™ will suit you nicely.

Amongst a list of new features for the iPad, the auto sleep feature is a great feature for the energy conservationist in you. With a simple flip of the cover, your iPad will be automatically turned on or off as you please. This feature makes Pelle™ one of our best iPad cases.

With our Pelle™ package, you'll get the following:

One Pelle™ ultra thin casing for the new iPad
One anti-static Screen Guard
One Microfiber Wipe
One Squeegee for your Screen Guard application
Two Headphone Jack Protectors
Two 30 Pin Connector Protectors

Tech Specs
  • Packaging: 284mm x 206mm x 23mm
  • Case: 244mm x 189mm x 14mm
  • Design Focused
  • Dual Function
  • Auto On/Off
  • Everything but the kitchen sink