iPhone 5 / 5S

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iPhone 5 / 5S

  • Protective case made from Super Protective PC material covered with shock absorbing PU rubber
  • Covered volume and on/off buttons with tactile sensation
  • Boney form factor
Choose Color
  • PirateBlack
  • VenomBlack
  • Alien
  • PoisonPink
  • ToxicLime
US $ 29.99

Product Features

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BONES™ is a Super Strong, shock-absorbing case designed for those on the wild side of life.. By injecting polycarbonate bones into rubber, SwitchEasy™ creates a super shock absorbing case with great tactility and grip. The edges are decked out with a bone motive, giving it a playful touch. BONES™ is a great case for everybody who is not afraid to go a bit crazy.

With such a thick rubber edge, the ease of use is crucial for the BONES™. Through a perfect combination of material and engineering we secured an excellent touch and tactile feedback of the buttons.
At SwitchEasy™ we protect not only your phone and your image, but we also care about the inside of your phone as well. With the color matching connector protectors, dust and grime are the problems of the past. Therefore BONES™ is the ultimate case for your iPhone.

As a SwitchEasy™ tradition, we have included everything you need to protect and accessorize your new iPhone 5. With our BONES™ package, you’ll get the following:

One BONES™ unit
Two Front Screen Protectors
One Back Protecting Adhesive Membrane
One Microfiber Wipe
One Squeegee Screen Guard application
Two Lightning Connector Protectors
Two 3.5mm Headphone Jack Protectors
Tech Specs
  • Packaging: 197.58mm x 87.72mm x 30.64mm
  • Case: 130.93mm x 66.10mm x 14.43mm
  • Designed right
  • Design on the edge
  • 360° Design
  • Everything But the Kitchen Sink