iPad Mini

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iPad Mini

  • Made from Durable scratch resistant matte coated canvas material.
  • Latchless self adhesive cover.
  • Unique ultra protective hybrid polycarbonate/canvas design.
  • Super rich microfiber with unique pattern to stabilize your iPad mini.
  • Supports auto On/Off feature on iPad mini.
Choose Color
  • Black
  • Charcoal
  • Red
  • Pink
  • Khaki
US $ 39.99

Product Features

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At SwitchEasy™, we have listened to our customer's needs from day one. CANVAS for iPad mini is the natural evolution to our successful folio line for iPad mini. We believe it is one of the best iPad mini cases available. Following previous tradition, we have employed a special water resistant, shock absorbent, matte finished outer shell which is both soft to hold but also easy to grip. The inner shell is made of strong durable polycarbonate plastic that serves as a secondary protection in the event your iPad mini is dropped. In addition, the inner lining is made of premium microfiber so your iPad mini will be always be caressed and pampered from the inside out.

The thing that makes CANVAS really special is how it allows you to use your iPad mini. We didn't just want to put another folio into the market; CANVAS' folio design plus stand function offers up a completely new way to enjoy your iPad mini. Providing multiple viewing angles CANVAS lets you enjoy your content on the go how it should be enjoyed - in full glory. Stand assembly is both quick and easy, just flip the cover around and align with the grooves to make your iPad mini stand solid. Equally CANVAS works great as a folio with a fully rotating cover that makes confined viewing on a busy bus or train simple and convenient. And when you're done, just flip the cover back around and you are ready to go.
Amongst a list of features for the iPad mini, the auto sleep feature is a great feature for the energy conservationist in you. With a simple flip of the cover, your iPad mini will be automatically turned on or off as you please.

As a SwitchEasy™ tradition, we have included everything you need to protect and accessorize your new iPad mini. With our CANVAS package, you’ll get the following:

One CANVAS for iPad mini
One anti-static Screen Guard
One Microfiber Wipe
One Squeegee Screen Guard applicator
Two Headphone Jack Protectors
Two Lightning Connector Protectors
Tech Specs
  • Packaging: 221mm x 157.11mm x 21.69mm
  • Case: 205.41mm x 140.8mm x 20.5mm
  • Designed right
  • Dual Function
  • Auto On/Off
  • Everything But the Kitchen Sink