iPod Shuffle 3G

Product shot #1 of ChocoShuffle™


iPod Shuffle 3G

  • Shock proof silicon design
  • Unique non-slip thumb grip design
  • Easy access to power button
  • Unique delectable "Chocolate" design
Choose Color
  • MilkChocolate
  • WhiteChocolate
  • StrawberryChocolate
US $ 8.99

Product Features

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The first thing you'll notice about ChocoShuffle™ is that it looks exactly like your favorite chocolate. This Unique design feature not only looks great, but is also the perfect shape to protect your iPod shuffle 3G from accidental bumps. ChocoShuffle™ are designed to be shock proof and fun to use! It's just our playful and delectable way to add some spark to your already cool iPod Shuffle 3G.

Your iPod Shuffle 3G is a very tiny player and is prone to slip in your hands. With our unique non-slip thumb grip design, your worries are over. Just set your thumbs in one of the grooves and you can securely hold your shuffle.
ChocoShuffle™ comes in three great luscious flavors. You can pick either our chocolatey Milk Chocolate, our creamy White Chocolate, or our sweet Strawberry Chocolate. We know one of them will definitely fulfill your taste.
Tech Specs
  • Packaging: 164mm x 48mm x 12mm
  • Case: 47mm x 23mm x 10mm
  • Compatible with iPod Shuffle 3G
  • It's mouthwatering good!
  • Grip with ease
  • Flavorful Selection.