iPod Nano 4G

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iPod Nano 4G

  • First Silicone Skin bundled with ultra hard GE Lexan® polycarbonate screen guard to protect your iPod Nano G4.
  • Thick silicone shock proof design with ultra silky smooth coating treatment.
  • "Less is More" no logo design for customers who want a no frills protection solution.
  • 360° full protection with bundled clickwheel guard as well as 30-Pin connector protector.
  • Unique vibrant colors for the colors in you.
Choose Color
  • Stealth
  • Milk
  • Arctic
  • Bleu
  • Citrus
  • Crimson
  • Fuchsia
  • Grass
  • Mican
  • Truffle
  • Viola
US $ 12.99

Product Features

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At SwitchEasy™, we do have an affinity to the color black. And that is why we have created a special black version of our colors product. With our Colors Stealth, we have included our signature tinted GE Lexan® polycarbonate screen protector, along with a color matching soft connector protector.

Colors is the first silicone product with a comprehensive, ultra-hard, GE Lexan® polycarbonate video screen protector. This is to ensure that the screen on your nano will be protected from scratches and bumps.

With the addition of the basic black, white and transparent colors, we have also introduced a bevy of vibrant colors to match your new chromatic nanos. Our colors include Crimson, Bleu, Fuchsia, Mican, Grass, Truffle, Viola and Citrus. We guarantee that there will be one that will fit your everyday fashion needs.
We've thrown in just about everything you need for your nano in this little tiny package. Aside from the case and port protector, each SwitchEasy™ Colors package contains a ultra hard polycarbonate screen shield, an anti-static screen guard, 2 static wheel guards and a microfiber cloth to clean your nano.

Unlike most of the products offerings on the market, we are focused on the total protection of your new nano. In addition with our hard screen shield, we have also included our standard connector protector, as well as two of our ultra clear touch screen shield for the full fledge protection goodness that your shiny nano deserves.
Tech Specs
  • Packaging: 168mm x 97mm x 13mm
  • Case: 93mm x 42mm x 9mm
  • Compatible with iPod Nano 4G
  • Colors Stealth UltraBlack
  • Shield your investment
  • Color by Numbers
  • Everything but the kitchen sink
  • Comprehensive Protection