iPad mini with Retina display

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iPad mini with Retina display

  • Superlative coverage and protection for the back of your iPad mini with Retina display

  • Best companion and color match for your iPad mini with Retina display Smart Cover from Apple

  • Ultra-thin, shock-proof case made of ultra-tough polycarbonate with tactile, covered buttons

  • Extended utility and enhanced grip with the choice of scratch-resistant UV coating(UltraBlack and UltraClear) or durable rubber coating (Blue, Pink, Green, Yellow, Red and Black)

Choose Color
  • UltraBlack
  • UltraClear
  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Red
  • Black
US $ 19.99

Product Features

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With the SwitchEasy™ CoverBuddy™ for iPad mini with Retina display, we offer the sameexcellence that wowed industry and customer reviewers for the iPad Mini version. A customer said “If you own an iPad Mini and have the Smart Cover, this is the only case you should buy to protect the back of it…PERIOD!” A well-known industry reviewer said “This edition is actually one of the best tablet shells we’ve come across, offering a surprising amount of coverage.”


Why the high praise? You get a super lightweight and thin case that protects the back of your iPad mini better than any shell on the market. The CoverBuddy works seamlessly with your Smart Cover…just pop your iPad mini with Retina display in the shell, clip on the Smart Cover, and use it as you normally would. The attachment is perfect with no gap between the magnetic spine and case, offering continuous coverage.


The attention to detail and protection for your tablet is unlike anything on the market: tactile, covered sleep/wake and volume buttons, headphone jack and lightning connector protectors, and grill coverings for the speakers. You get a shock-proof case made of ultra-tough polycarbonate and can choose between a durable, grippable rubber coating—in Blue, Pink, Green, Red, or Black—or a scratch-resistant UV coating—in UltraBlack or UltraClear.  

You carefully chose a brilliant tablet and a Smart Cover. So of course you’ll want an equally intelligent case…the SwitchEasy CoverBuddy…to fully protect your iPad mini with Retina display. Look at you being all smart, you genius, you!


As a SwitchEasy tradition, we have included everything you need to protect and accessorize your new iPad mini with Retina display. With our CoverBuddy package, you’ll get the following:

One CoverBuddy™ for iPad mini
One Protective Film
Two Headphone Jack Protectors
Two Lightning Connector Protectors

Tech Specs
  • Case: 202.5 x 135 x 8.96mm (7.97 x 5.32 x .35 in)

  • Packaging: 220 x 157 x 22.6mm (8.66 x 6.18 x .89 in)

  • Weight: 48g (1.693oz)

  • Packed Weight: 125.7g (4.433oz)