iPod Nano 5G

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iPod Nano 5G

  • Revolutionary duotone silicone design made using state of the art silicone fusing technology.
  • Super strong, tear resistant, soft coated silicone, in the most rich and vibrant colors.
  • "Less is More" no logo design for customers who want a no frills protection solution.
  • 360° full protection with bundled clickwheel guards, screen guards as well as 30-Pin connector protector.
Choose Color
  • Black
  • Red
  • Lime
  • Pink
  • Blue
  • Gold
  • Silver
US $ 12.99

Product Features

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With the new development of silicon fusing at our fingertips, we were able to introduce a bevy of vibrant color combos to compliment your shiny new nano. Our colors include Red, Blue, Fuchsia, Lime, Black, Silver and Gold. We're confident that there will be one that will fit your everyday fashion needs.

At SwitchEasy we strive to stay ahead of the game. With Cubes, we have utilized DuoShot technology, a technique that fuses 2 pieces of silicone together leaving no join marks to form a case. Not only does this technique give us greater color combo options, it also adds supreme grip and excellent shock protection. We believe you'll thoroughly enjoy our product for years to come.
At SwitchEasy™, protection is our business. Every product we manufacture are designed to offer complete protection for your iPod. Our Cubes for iPod Nano 5G is another exemplary example of our strive for perfection. While most cases on the market has a big gaping hole in the back for the camera and microphone, our Cubes for iPod Nano 5G is the only case in the market that precisely covers right to the edge of your camera and microphone for full protection. In addition, we have also tucked in two 30-pin port protectors, and two sets screen and touchwheel guards for the 360 degree care you need for your iPod Nano.

We've thrown in just about everything you need for your nano in this little tiny package. Aside from the case, each SwitchEasy™ Cubes package contains 2 connector protectors, 2 anti-static screen guards, 2 anti-static clickwheel guards and a microfiber cloth to clean your nano.
Tech Specs
  • Packaging: 169mm x 96mm x 14mm
  • Case: 93mm x 42mm x 10mm
  • Compatible with iPod Nano 5G
  • Remarks: A- Highly Recommended by iLounge
  • Colors for everybody
  • Silicone Vs Science
  • Pinhole Precision, Total Protection
  • Everything but the kitchen sink