iPhone 5C

Product shot #1 of FLIP


iPhone 5C

  • Reinforced faux leather cover and textured for firm grip
  • Magnetic lock and easy touch button access
  • Phone to sleep when covered and awakened when opened
  • Calls continuable and ports accessible when cover closed
  • Professional and cheerful colors
Choose Color
  • CharcoalBlack
  • SnowWhite
  • LimeGreen
  • HotPink
  • TannedYellow
US $ 29.99

Product Features

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We get it. You’re different. You like a phone case that covers not only the sides and back of your phone, but also the front. And it has to be easy to use. Enter the SwitchEasy FLIP for iPhone 5c. User friendly? YES. Simply snap your phone into the plastic cradle inside the cover. The magnetic lock keeps it shut…and saves battery by putting your phone into sleep mode when not in use and waking it up when you pop open the cover. Think the cover will get in the way when you’re on a call? THINK AGAIN. A cut-out around the microphone means that you can talk with the cover closed…and all ports are accessible too. And whether you want an understated, professional looking case in black or white or you want to go a little wild (think apple green, tangerine, and hot pink), we have you covered. Really. FRONT AND BACK.

In the Package

  • One FLIP unit
  • One front protective film
  • One microfiber wipe
  • One squeegee for your protective film application
Tech Specs
  • Case: 66 x 127 x 16mm (2.6 x 5 x .6 in)
  • Packaging: 80 x 186 x 29mm (3.2 x 7.3 x 1.1 in)