iPhone 5 / 5S

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iPhone 5 / 5S

  • Eye-catching colors to match your everyday outfit
  • Protective case made from durable scratch resistant hydro polymer material
  • Perfect-fit rubberized construction for easy one-step attachment/detachment and unique design for easy access of side buttons
  • Integrated connector protectors
Choose Color
  • StealthBlack
  • FrostWhite
  • HotPink
  • BrightTurquoise
  • JuicyLime
US $ 14.99

Product Features

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At SwitchEasy, we believe in good design. And sometimes good design is simple. Numbers is an iPhone case designed with clean lines and made of one of the most durable, shock resistant hydro polymer materials in the market. Added bumps on the curves defend your iPhone from accidental knocks . Pop-out, integrated plugs protect your ports. And your choice of soft pastel or vibrant colors will surely soften or brighten your day.

We understand accidents happen all the time. At SwitchEasy, we care about your phone as much as you do. That is why we have designed integrated plugs to protect your phone from dust and grime for daily use.

At SwitchEasy™, we are very attentive with buttons. After all, a case is useless if buttons cannot be felt right. We have paid substantial attention on the tactility of all the buttons on our case covers. All the button elements are meticulously engineered to allow easy access and ultimate tactile response. It's just not in our gene to make yet another rubber wrapper in the market.

With our NUMBERS™ package, you'll get the following: One NUMBERS™ unit
One front protective film
One microfiber wipe
One squeegee for your protective film application

Tech Specs
  • Packaging: 67 x 190 x 25mm
  • Case: 63 x 128 x 12mm
  • Unapologetically Simple
  • Tactile is Key