iPad Air

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iPad Air

  • Ultra-slim folio design with magnetic cover that locks in place when you want it to
  • Auto on/off iPad Air feature supported when case opened/closed
  • Unique chrome, gold, or Swarovski crystal-embedded slide-out tab for changing viewing angle
  • Maintenance-free, stain-resistant polyurethane fake leather front cover
  • Ultra tough, scratch-resistant polycarbonate hard back shell with easy-grip matte rubber coating on the outside
  • Standard front cover colors of Red, Blue, and Black; special edition colors Mint Green and Blossom Pink include six Swarovski crystals on slider
Choose Color
  • Mint
  • Pink
  • Black
  • Red
  • Blue
US $ 59.99

Product Features

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You love your new iPad Air and want a slim and functional case that completely protects it. You also care about design and want a case that is stylish and has that extra pizazz. You want the SwitchEasy™ Pelle™ for iPad Air case.


A wipe-clean, polyurethane, leather-looking front cover is adorned with beautiful stitching and a slide-out tab. If you choose the special edition Mint Green or Blossom Pink colors, the slider includes six Swarovski crystals to add flair to an already fashionable case. But that slider is more than just an ornament; when pulled out, it gives support to the front cover, which bends for various viewing and typing angles. 


Your iPad Air snaps easily into and lays completely flush in a hard back shell in a complementary color. This shell is coated with rubber on the back, giving you an incredible grip. It includes a rubber side bar, which stabilizes the iPad Air when it is propped at different angles. The Pelle includes a unique feature: an alternating grid cutout cover, which shields the speaker. Elegant button and port covers are also included.

We had you in mind when we designed the SwitchEasy Pelle for iPad Air…someone who cares about style and all this attention to detail. That is you, right?


In the package

  • Pelle unit
  • Crystal clear screen guard
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Screen squeegee
  • Two headphone jack protectors
  • Two lightning connector protectors
Tech Specs
  • Case: 245 x 175 x 14mm (9.6 x 6.9 x .55 in)
  • Packaging: 284 x 206 x 23mm (11.2 x 4.2 x .9 in)
  • Weight: 208.2g (7.34 oz)
  • Eye-Catching Design
  • Slide-Out Tab Prop
  • Auto On/Off