iPad 2 / 3 / The new iPad

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iPad 2 / 3 / The new iPad

  • Ultra tough reinforced protective sleeve for your iPad.
  • Shock dissipating ribcage design for ultimate screen protection.
  • Made from highly durable faux leather.
  • Easy fit Elasto-PU back panel, to hold your iPad firmly in place.
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Product Features

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The first thing you'll notice about RibCage™ is its awesome looks, but this isn't just for aesthetic purposes. Ribcage is designed with protection in mind from the ground up. From the ultra tough reinforced protective faux leather panel to the easy fit elasto-PU back panel, RibCage™ is quintessentially the best sleeve protection in the market. RibCage™ was designed with customer requirements and style fully considered. RibCage™ is the utopia of form meeting function.

Behind RibCage's sleek faux leather exterior lays a specially engineered reinforced tough panel. This is designed to protect the most vulnerable part of your iPad - the screen. The bone like structure is high pressure molded designed to defend against direct screen impacts and accidental knocks and bumps. With this robust structure made from highly durable materials, we've redefined the meaning of tough.
With our RibCage™ package, you'll get the following:

One RibCage™ protective sleeve for iPad
Two portable fold-out stands
One anti-static Screen Guard
One Microfiber Wipe
One Squeegee for your Screen Guard application

The first thing you'll notice about your new iPad is its size and weight. Although it's great to hold your iPad, after a while it can get a bit tiresome - that's where we come in. Your RibCage™ package comes complete with 2 ultra compact foldable stands made for your iPad, one in pearl white and one in piano black to suit your taste. Perfect for your home or office, these useful little stands can also be easily folded up and carried around in your pocket or bag ready for the next time you want to prop up your iPad, sit back and enjoy the view.
Tech Specs
  • Packaging: 305mm x 232mm x 27mm
  • Case: 264mm x 210mm 14mm
  • Compatible with iPad/iPad2
  • Designed right
  • A new definition of 'tough'.
  • Everything but the kitchen sink
  • Stand up, Stand out