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  • Reinforced 3-point lock
  • Slide locking mechanism
  • Weather-proof
  • The ultimate companion for your iPod Sport Kit
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  • Black
  • White
  • Crystal
  • Sapphire
  • Ruby
US $ 8.99

Product Features

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We have completely re-designed our new RunAway™ from the ground up. The new re-designed slide in cap proved to be more user friendly than ever. We have also included a 3-point lock mechanism which further secures the clip from the base for harsh running conditions. In addition, a click lock mechanism for the receiver is included to further secure your receiver to the base while in transit.

Ever wondered what to do with the Sports Kit Receiver after workout? RunAway™ is the worlds first organizer for both the sensor and the receiver designed for the iPod Sport Kit. You can easily tuck your receiver under the RunAway™ for convenient storage. Have some fun running and Tuck Away!
RunAway™ features the easiest installation and de-installation experience offered in the market. With our unique twist and lock pivoting mechanism, all you need to do is to slip it under your shoelaces, twist the unit 45 degrees till you hear a click sound, then you are ready for a great run! No need to mess with velcro straps or pouches requiring you to relace your shoes.
Tech Specs
  • Packaging: 121mm x 70mm x 23mm
  • Product: 36mm x 22mm x 20mm
  • Compatible with iPod Sport Kit
  • Brand New Design
  • Organize and Tuck Away!
  • As easily as Twist and Lock!