MacBook Air

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MacBook Air

  • Seals and protects the MacBook Air keyboard from dirt and fluids
  • Easy on and off installation just in a second
  • Custom molded and it fits every contour perfectly
  • The silicone protector is soft and pleasant to touch with quieter typing sound

For MacBook Air 11"

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  • Black
  • Crystal
  • Pink
  • Lime
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US $ 24.99

Product Features

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SafeKeys™ are custom molded and it fits every contour perfectly on the MacBook Air keyboard. The silicone protector for MacBook Air is soft and pleasant to touch. The unique thinness gives excellent feel. It also makes typing a lot quieter, you don't hear but a muffled movement of the keys.

SafeKeys™ are designed to stay on 24 hours a day to seal and protect the MacBook Air keyboard from dirt and fluids. It is durable and can be cleaned quickly and easily by cloths. 
The custom keyboard cover wraps around the MacBook Air/MacBook Pro keyboard for maximum protection and you can install it in a second.
As a SwitchEasy tradition we have included everything you need to protect and accessorize your MacBook Air. With our SafeKeys™ package, you'll get the following:

One SafeKeys™ keyboard protector for MacBook AirOne Microfiber Wipe
Tech Specs
  • Packaging: 199mm x 153mm x 18mm
  • Case: 104mm x 275mm x 1mm
  • Compatible with MacBook Air
  • Custom Molded Quality
  • 24/7 Installation
  • Everything But the Kitchen Sink