iPod Nano 3G

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iPod Nano 3G

  • Super strong GE® Lexan polycarbonate screen guard
  • Ribbed shock proof casing
  • Easy touch wheel interaction
  • Complete protection for your iPod Nano G3
Choose Color
  • Black Noir
  • Blue Berry
  • Mochi
  • Orange
  • Original
  • Wild Cherry
US $ 9.99

Product Features

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Welcome to silicon Biscuits! Made of the finest silicone found in the world, we have added additional ribbed sides for your nano's protection. Also, to offer more protection, we have included an ultra strong polycarbonate screen guard plus a soft connector protector for all rounded protection. Our Silicon Biscuits are designed to be shock proof and fun to use! Its just our playful way to add some spark to your already cool nano. And yes, when you flip the back over, it looks exactly like a biscuit.

At SwitchEasy, we do have an affinity to the color black. And that is why we have created a special black version of our biscuit. With our black biscuit, we have included our signature tinted polycarbonate screen protector, along with a color matching soft connector protector.
With five hot new colors to choose from Original, BlueBerry, Wild Cherry, Orange and Mochi.
Tech Specs
  • Packaging: 160mm x 139mm x 10mm
  • Case: 75mm x 58mm x 9mm
  • Compatible with iPod Nano 3G
  • Have a cup of tea with you music.
  • Silicon Biscuit - Special Black
  • Variety is the spice of life