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  • Super tough scratch resistant polycarbonate back with highly durable textured finishing
  • Innovatively designed product with duo material for enhanced grip sensation and ease of use
  • Unique design covering of side buttons with retaining tactile experience.
  • 5 color combinations
Choose Color
  • Black
  • White
  • Lime
  • Fuchsia
  • Blue
US $ 24.99

Product Features

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Our flow™ for the Samsung GALAXY S lll is a tough and durable case with two individual materials for ultimate protection and ease of use. There are 5 different distinctive colors, which give a very interesting character to your phone. With our 360° full protection design, your Samsung GALAXY S lll gets the best protection all round.

At SwitchEasy™, our cases offers the best grip and slide sensation. The back of our flow™ case is highly durable that has a polycarbonate textured effect and around the sides has a soft touch for enhanced grip. flow™ is unique for a case allowing you to slip your phone in your pocket easily.
We provide the best solution when it comes to being tactile with our cases, because at SwitchEasy™, we are focus on getting all buttons easily accessible. Our flow™ is molded one-piece rubber and covers all side buttons. All our button elements have been meticulously engineered for easy access and ultimate tactile response.

As a SwitchEasy™ tradition, we have included everything you need to protect and accessorize your Samsung GALAXY S lll. With our flow™ package, you'll get the following:

One flow™ unit
Two Front Screen Guards
One Microfiber Wipe
One squeegee screen guard applicator
Two Power Jack Connector Protectors
Two 3.5mm Headphone Jack Protector
Tech Specs
  • Packaging: 171mm x 91mm x 18mm
  • Case: 140mm x 74mm x 11mm
  • Complement with Style
  • Grip and Slide
  • Tactile is Key
  • Everything but the kitchen sink