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Glass X


  • 0.3mm thickness with 9H hardness
  • Maximum PROTECTION with no hesitation
  • Protection with the sensation of your original display
  • Easy bubble free application
  • For iphone 7/8/7Plus/8plus/X →BuyNow←


  • iPhone X/XS

US$ 24.99



By incorporating all the cool elements, we created the first case that not only looks like the iPhone XS Max, but FEELS like the latest iPhones!
For lucky iPhone XS Max users, GLASS X is more than protection, but the most transparent case that money can buy!


We have created a trend on offering GLASS as a medium for protective cases. Last year we had the insight to bring you GLASS, The world’s first glass case for Jet Black iPhone 7. Our breakthrough case gave our customers a taste of iPhone 8 WAY before it was announced!

It Feels Good

The part of the phone which is most touched is its screen. So why scrimp on an inferior, flimsy PET screen guard? GLASS PRO offers the most luxurious touch that you will ever encounter in simliar products.
With its proprietary fingerprint reduction oleophobic treatment identical to your original phone screen, you will barely notice any difference on your phone while being protected. Aside from its look and feel, GLASS PRO has a transparancy rating of over 90 percent so your can enjoy the brilliant colors of your new iPhone screen. Furthermore, its hardness rating is at 9H, so the corners of your screen are truely protected by the strength of GLASS.

Wireless Passthrough Electro-Plated Chrome Rims

Glass X is the only case which reflects like the smooth, stainless steel bumpers of your iPhone XS Max. Better yet, the chrome is plated on soft TPU which offers an extraordinary grip unlike the slippery, surgical steel rims of the iPhone XS Max