iPad 2/3/The new / Thins


  • Ultra thin 4mm sleeving protection solution for your iPad

  • Made from highly durable Neoprene material

  • Reinforced flap panel for quick and easy use

  • Revolutionary heat-sealed edges and no stitch line design

case 265mm x 223mm x 8mm
packaging 319mm x 236mm x 16mm
39.99 /USD

Thins is an ultra soft and ultra thin stylish sleeve design that made from durable padded Neoprene material that maintains flexibility over a wide temperature range and it also has a good stability.

Unlike most cases available on the market, which are prone to stitches and sewing, we have decided to do more work so as to have the exquisite finishing design – no stitch line.

The reinforced flap panel at the front and the back for easy grip sensation and secure stowing of your iPad.