iPad 2/3/The new / RibCage


  • Ultra tough reinforced protective sleeve for your iPad.

  • Shock dissipating ribcage design for ultimate screen protection.

  • Made from highly durable faux leather.

  • Easy fit Elasto-PU back panel, to hold your iPad firmly in place.

case 264mm x 210mm 14mm
packaging 305mm x 232mm x 27mm
34.99 /USD

The first thing you'll notice about RibCage™ is its awesome looks, but this isn't just for aesthetic purposes. Ribcage is designed with protection in mind from the ground up.

From the ultra tough reinforced protective faux leather panel to the easy fit elasto-PU back panel, RibCage™ is quintessentially the best sleeve protection in the market

As a Switcheasy tradition, we've included everything you need to protect and maintain your precious screen. With our RibCage range, you also get a microfiber screen wipe and a Squeegee screen guard applicator. Dust and air bubbles are problems of the past.