iPad 2/3/The new / PureMatte


  • Tough, Scratch resistant shield

  • No Dust Antistatic membrane

case 237mm x 181mm x 0.5mm
packaging 277mm x 203mm x 1mm
17.99 /USD

Our Revolutionary PureReflect™ offers what no other reflective membrane offers - True Mirror reflection. Whether you are checking your make-up or your war-paint rest assured there will be no distortion - just pure clarity.

At Switcheasy we like to keep things simple, and the application for our Pure range couldn't be simpler. Just line it up and use your complimentary squeegee to iron out any unwanted air bubbles and you're set.

With our Pure range, you also get a microfiber screen wipe and a Squeegee screen guard applicator. Dust and air bubbles are problems of the past.