• Anti-Scratch TPU.
  • Special matte finishing.
  • Anti-Glare Guard prevents flash glare.
  • Native Touch tactile buttons provide solid press feedback.


  • iPhone 7
  • Case: 142x72x10mm
  • Weight: 25g

US$ 24.99


The happiest case on earth

Our unique Monsters design is created with a brand new 3D IMD technology. You’ll feel very special when you adopt your own Monster!

Anti-Glare Guard

The Anti-Glare Guard is designed to prevent flash glare from taking photos with flash. It also protrudes from the back of the phone to create a protective cover for your lens.


Anti-scratch TPU material that can resist daily scratches from keys and coins. Special matte finishing repels fingerprints and smudges on Monsters.

Come out and play

It’s time to show your Jet Black iPhone with our cool black MONSTER !

It Just Clicked

Native Touch tactile buttons provide solid press feedback and are extremely easy to press.