November 3th ,2014

SwitchEasy™ Introduces World’s First Non-Case Solution for iPhone 6

Tracy, CA - November 03, 2014 - At SwitchEasy™ we always believe in providing our customers with everything they need with our products. Unfortunately due to the new curved screen design of the iPhone, we have decided not to bundle screen protectors in our cases since it does not fully cover nor protect the whole screen. For that reason, we worked very hard to for a better solution.


Introducing AirMask™: the world’s first non-case solution for iPhone 6/iPhone 6+. AirMask™ is a revolutionary product in a completely new category of its own. It’s not a case, nor a film, but it functions as a screen guard and a case combined. AirMask™ utilises next-gen precision moulding and cutting manufacturing techniques to bring you a product that is both easy to install and light in weight.


Measuring at 0.35mm in thickness and weighing at an amazing light 10 grams, AirMask™ is a protection solution, which offers the most comprehensive protection at the thinnest and lightest form factor.


AirMask™ is just like a toughened shield that wraps around your phone. The specially formulated polymer shell provides 3H hardness protection that can resist normal day-to-day scratches from keys to coins. It’s unique 3-D adhesive shell design allows users to immediately apply AirMask™ without the hassles of bubbles on screen misalignment. AirMask™ also features a special Anti-Slip texture, which ensures very good grip on your iPhone. The micro texture on AirMask™ enables you to hold the phone nice and snug, yet slips easily in and out of your pocket.



- 3H toughness. Specially formulated polymer formula achieving 3H hardness

- Thin. Innovative space age manufacturing process combining screen guard and a case in a super thin 0.35mm form factor.

- 360 degree protection. Unique 3D top and bottom shell design offers unique 360 protection to your iPhone.

- Zero mistake screen guard. Trouble applying screen guards on a curved screen is a thing of the past. AirMask™ is specially designed for iPhone 6 to ensure that each application is error free!


Retail price:

iPhone 6 for $24.99

iPhone 6+ for $29.99



Champagne Gold / ALU-Silver / Cosmic Gray


Launch Date:

Late November


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