September 17th ,2014

SwitchEasy™ Limited is proud to its newest case for the iPhone 6: Wrap

If want to give your phone the best protection possible, you’d better Wrap it up. With its leather trimming, Wrap looks just like a traditional pocket journal and is a beautiful fusion of classic craftsmanship and art with modern technology and convenience. With the Wrap case you can personalize your iPhone and express to the world who you are.


With its ultra slim, ultra light construction, it’s not difficult to imagine stashing and stowing your phone away which couldn’t be easier with Wrap. Wrap has been designed for the modern lifestyle and its handy kickstand feature lets you use look at your phone from a landscape view which is perfect for alternating between typing and watching movies.


As with all our cases, aesthetics is key and Wrap has been designed with fashion firmly in mind. It is a fully covered case so it provides a comprehensive, all round protection to your phone. We at SwitchEasy believe in using nothing but the best and the Wrap case is made with premium grade PU leather which protects your iPhone from scratches and scrapes and an accented anodized aluminum bar for sheen. It feels absolutely wonderful in your hands.


SwitchEasy’s designers are some of the industry’s top talent and the Wrap case has been carefully constructed to allow easy access to all your phone’s external features such as the camera, dock connector, volume controls, etc. Its shape has been molded specifically for the iPhone 6 in order to achieve a perfect fit. This means that there is no chance that your case will fall off by accident.


Using Wrap is child’s play. All you need to do is to carefully place your iPhone 6 on your palm and slide it into the shell. It will be held firmly and securely into place, it literally wraps around your phone!


Wrap weighs just 65g and will add minimal bulk to your phone and will still fit easily into pants pockets, coats, jackets bags or anywhere where you might carry your phone. Wrap’s look is casual and chic and its neutral colors can be easily paired with nearly any outfit.


Wrap comes in two colors: Napa Brown and Charcoal Black


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