September 17th ,2014

SwitchEasy™ Limited is proud to announce three exciting new products: Numbers, Odyssey and Nude.

Numbers is a case for the iPhone 6 with a low key design and is made with one of the most durable, shock resistant hydro polymer materials on the market. Its casing includes a unique feature: added bumps on the curves which defend your iPhone from accidental knocks. It also has pop-out integrated plugs that protect your phone’s ports. Its perfect-fit rubberized construction allows for an effortless one-step attachment and detachment. It comes in choice of soft pastel or vibrant colors can add tranquil or vibrant colors your day and can be made to match any outfit. Pick your lucky number today.

Numbers is available in 6 colors: Stealth Black, Frost White, Sunlit Tangerine, Methyl Blue, Submarine Yellow and Rose Bouquet


Some say life is a journey, now it’s an Odyssey. The Odyssey iPhone case includes eye-catching scratch-resistant polycarbonate textured back panels which give it a distinctive space age look. It’s also been treated with a space-age adaptive dynamic soft polymer (ADSP) which protects the delicate finish of your iPhone. The Odyssey case also includes a highly durable textured coating which allows for a secure grip because the last thing you want is to drop your brand new iPhone! At SwitchEasy, we know that our customers want to be seen as an individual which is why with the Odyssey case the panels are interchangeable to suit your style.

Odyssey is available in 3 colors: Black, Khaki and Pink

The suggested retail price of Odyssey is $24.99 USD.


Go au naturale. Nude is an iPhone case so thin and light it might feel like your phone’s not wearing anything at all. But don’t let this fool you, measuring in at a tiny 1.8mm, Nude offers great protection against dust, scratches and abrasions. As with all of the cases in our UltraClear series, Nude has no lines or mold markings of any sort that might detract from its simple, elegant beauty, it’s like your phone really is in the Nude. Nude’s buttons have a special tactile covering because, as we all know, a button can’t be pressed if it can’t be felt right.


Nude is available in 2 colors: Ultra Black and Ultra Clear

The suggested retail price of Nude for the iPad Air is $29.99 USD.


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