September 17th ,2014

SwitchEasy™ Limited is proud to its newest accessory: LifePocket

Life Pocket is a brand new iPhone case for those who want to stand out from the crowd and travel lightly.


The LifePocket is part of a new style and a new way of thinking. Its unique design gives your iPhone even more functionality by allowing you to carry up to 6 cards. Wallets can now be a thing of the past. This is particularly handy for urban professionals: you can carry your business cards with you wherever you go and need never lose a contact again. Life Pocket also includes SwitchEasy’s unique, patent pending design: Flipcash.


The LifePocket is also ideal for your summer wardrobe which might not have so many pockets or if you simply don’t want to carry so many things. The LifePocket case is slim and light and very unobtrusive and will fit easily into jackets, pants, dresses, bags or anywhere you choose to carry your phone.


SwitchEasy has some of the most talented designers around and the LifePocket has been carefully designed to allow access to all your phone’s external features such as the camera, dock connector, volume controls, etc. Its shape has been molded specifically for the iPhone 6 in order to guarantee a snug and tight fit. This means that using the Life Pocket case could not be easier. All you need to do is to carefully place your iPhone 6 onto the case and slide it into the body. It will be held firmly and securely into place.


LifePocket’s name means something: it has been designed to cater to every part of your life and includes an innovative folding mechanism that functions as a kick stand. This means you can view your phone from landscape angle which means you can enjoy a hands free multimedia experience with your phone as well as typing effortlessly.


LifePocket blends minimalist design with simple practicality and is made with top quality dense stitch nylon that protects your iPhone from scratches and scrapes and feels great in your hands, we are very proud of the materials we use to make our cases. Life Pocket comes in 3 colors: Space Gray, Military Green and Navy Blue which are perfect for complimenting any outfit. The Life Pocket adds even more use to your iPhone while never compromising on style.


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