September 17th ,2014

SwitchEasy™ Limited is proud to announce its thinnest case for the iPhone 6 to date: 0.35.

We at SwitchEasy are all about making innovations and breaking new ground and this phone case is no exception. Living up to its name, 0.35 measures is at an unbelievably thin 0.35mm so it will fit easily in your bag, pants or wherever you choose to stow your phone.


With our hectic modern existence it’s so easy to get weighed down. Not to mention having to carry around things like keys, wallets, phones, make up etc with us. so that’s why we made 0.35 so incredibly light, it weighs just 4gs! It’s easy to forget that you even put it on.


You might be thinking that such a thin phone case couldn’t possibly provide much protection to your precious device. Fear not, 0.35 is made from PP, a special form of thermoplastic polymer which is very flexible and scratch resistant. It’s sure to give your phone all round protection and shield it from knocks, dust, scratches and grime.


SwitchEasy is fortunate enough to have some of the best and most talented designers in the business and 0.35 has been carefully designed to make sure that all of your phone’s external features such as the camera, dock connector, volume controls, etc can still be accessed easily. It has been shaped expressly for the iPhone 6 so that it has a close and tight fit and prevents the case from coming off accidentally. As with all of our products, 0.35 is very user friendly and easy to use: in just one step you simply take your iPhone 6 and slide it into the body of the case and it will be held firmly and securely in place. Detachment is exactly the same but in reverse.


Being so light and unobtrusive, 0.35 is perfect for urban professionals on the go. It’s available in 5 vivacious and exciting colors which makes it ideal for giving your phone some character and helping you to distinguish yourself as an individual and a creative. 0.35 is the perfect case for people who don’t want to be held back or dragged down, living life all the time.


SwitchEasy™ 0.35 for the iPhone 6 comes in Stealth Black, Pink, Frost White, Yellow and Blue


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