November 24th ,2015

SwitchEasy™ Releases Brand New Cases for the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus for the Upcoming Holiday Season

SwitchEasy, a leading provider of mobile lifestyle accessories, is excited to announce two new and exciting cases for the iPhone 6s/6s Plus and a new case for the iPad Mini 4.

MONSTERS – As the nights grow longer and the days darker, it seems like the perfect time to release a line of spooky and horrifying Monsters to protect people's beloved iPhones. The unique Monsters design is created with a sensational new 3D IMD technology which has enabled SwitchEasy to create a variety of vivid and lively Monster designs.

The MONSTERS case utilizes SwitchEasy’s tactile “Native Touch™” feature which allows solid feedback when pressing the case’s buttons and means that even people with monstrously large hands can use their phone with ease.

MONSTERS boasts new 360° protection that includes a PET film fused with shock absorbing rubber as well as anti-scratch TPU material and a special smudge resistant matte finish which protects user's phone against smudges and scratches even from monsters’ claws.

Looking to take a spooky selfie? The case comes with a special anti-glare guard which prevents flash glare when taking photos as well as functioning as a protective hood for your iPhone’s camera lens.

Available in Black, Blue, Pink, Spooky (Orange) and Slime (Green)

MSRP: 24.99

N+ Metallic – ‘Tis the season for holidays! It’s time for us to take SwitchEasy’s N+ range into sheer opulence with shiny metallic coating and eye-catching glitter logo design. N+ Metallic is designed with popular colors such as Rose Gold, Gold and Silver. This case will definitely catch people’s attention when you take it out from the pocket.

Like Monsters, N+ Metallic includes corresponding Native Touch™ metallic tactile buttons so you can feel solid press feedback when people want to are operating your phone.

Available in Gold, Silver, Rose Gold

MSRP: 24.99

CANVAS – SwitchEasy’s new Canvas case for the iPad Mini 4 is the latest model in the series which has long since drawn widespread praise from customers and reviewers alike.

For those that want to show off their down to earth style, the new CANVAS case for the iPad Mini 4 is the perfect accessory. It offers an ultra-thin form-factor, made of a rugged polycarbonate material for mobile protection, yet offers a canvas exterior for style and grip. The case features a new and improved latchless cover that supports the built-in functionality of the iPad with Auto On/Off on open/close.

Available in Black, Lime Green and Turquoise for the iPad Air mini 4.

MSRP: 44.99

All three models will be available via the company’s website ( as well as through authorized distributors in retail and online locations in November.