November 13th ,2018

Fleur, the icing on your iPhone


The connection between women and flowers has long been known. That’s why Switcheasy decided to embark on this connection by creating Fleur- a floral case specifically prepared for female iPhone users.

Where there’s flower there’s a beautiful story. Looking from afar, you can see flowers huddled together on the back of your device like flowers blooming in the sun. However, when you look closely you can see the flowers are not casually pasted or plated as plane decorations. It is borrowed from the common carving techniques of doors and windows in traditional Chinese architecture. The leather on the back is hollowed out and carved into flowers of different sizes by using 3D elevation design. Thus seeing the 3D effect of its floral design.

Fleur is more than an accessory to make your device look elegant; it also protects your device. How? You may ask. For starters, the TPU imported from Bayer, Germany, is made into a 360-degree protection frame, which gives every corners and edges of your iPhone a complete protection. Also, TPU itself has good abrasion resistance and elasticity, giving your iPhone a better external force buffering effect. Not to mention, Fleur also uses Aero-Tech space lightweight technology to upgrade the protection-to-mass (PTM)to avoid bump to the highest level. If you think that’s all for Fleur, think again! The front side is slightly elevated to prevent your screen from scratches, cracks and shattered screen.

Fleur comes in three colors- white, black and pink. As todays phone cases are not only to protect your gadgets but .also fashion items, you surely need one to match your #OutfitOfTheDay! So what are you waiting for? Grab yours NOW on as well as through authorized distributors in retail and online locations.