November 27th ,2018

SwitchEasy Cyber Monday Shopping List

Only a few hours left before the sale of the year is about to end. If you have yet to chose the ideal case for your iPhone now is your last chance!

Firstly, if you’re looking for a plain yet shockproof case which shows the true color of your phone, we highly recommend Glass Rebel/ iGlass/Glass X collection.

  • IGlass is the world's first 3-in-1 glass case, with iGlass TPU frameMetal edge and glass back makes the world's first unbroken glass case. Lightweight protection provides effective protection without increasing weight.
  • Glass Rebel The world's first glass case passed the military-style drop test. Aero-tech enables TPU to provide lightweight with shock-absorbing protection. Aero-grade aluminum, makes your case closer to Apple's texture, carbon-fiber with ultra-abrasion resistant carbon fiber.

0.35 let you feel the REAL texture of your phone. It is made from certified environmental raw materials which makes it strong yet thin. 360 protective enclosure covering all aspects of your iPhone with spraying technology prevents fingerprint effectively.

If you’re looking for something shiny and colorful Starfield/ Flash and Fleur are the ones for you.

Starfield combined Stereo foil paper with glitter, appear attractive 3D bumper made by Germany Bayer TPU material with lens Protection and Support Wireless Charging.

Flash uses real natural flowers and seashell which highlights slim and original beauty of your iPhone with the Foil Paper with anti-scratch Tech and refined natural feeling metallic buttons

Fleur uses Unique 3D honeycomb techniques to make the flowers on the back of your phone pops!

Get them with 22% off on the last day or you'll miss it!